Confucius Scholarship 2012 – application form instructions

为方便大家网上填写 《孔子学院奖学金申请表》,现将填写过程中须提前准备的材料注意事项列出如下
In order to facilitate the application procedures, please prepare the following materials and read carefully the following instructions before filling the form.
填写之前需要准备好的材料 Before filling in the form, you need to prepare these materials:
1) 所在学校秘书处开具的成绩证明扫描件
Copy of transcripts issued by the schools secretary
2) 新HSK成绩单扫描件
E-scanning copy of HSK report card
3) 一封推荐信扫描件
E-scanning copy of recommendation letter
About recommendation letter : Students of Third year MED please ask for Prof. Bulfoni ; Students of First year LIN please ask Prof. Jin ; Students of Second year LIN please ask Prof. Sun
4) 本人签字扫描件
E-scanning copy of signature of the Applicant
5) 800字申请陈述扫描件
E-scanning copy of application Statement: stating applicants Chinese language learning background , study plan and aim in China. It shall be written in Chinese and on less than 800 characters.
填写过程 Application Procedures
1登陆 注册
Log on to to register
After successful registration, log on to the website again and fill in the form according to Chinese and English directions.
注意事项 Notice
1. 基本信息Basic information
Business contacts in China or guardian (针对国籍是意大利的学生only for the Italian students and apply for the Liaoning Normal University):
名称/Name:冯俊杰(FENG JUN JIE)
地址/Address: 850Huanghe Road, Shahekou District Dalian 116029,P.R.CHINA
电话/Tel: 86-411-82156787
传真/Fax: 86-411-84200935
2. 教育背景 Education background
证书附件 Certificates Accessories
Upload the copy of transcripts issued by the schools secretary
3. 语言能力 Language Proficiency
上传HSK成绩报告单 Upload HSK Report card
特别需要注意 如不能一次完成填写,可点击保存,下次继续填写。如点击提交则无法修改。
Attention:If you can not finish filling in one time, please click “save”, next time you can continue. If you click “submit”, then you can not make a change
only for applicants of the master in teaching Chinese as a second language (MTCSOL) , you need copies of two recommendation letters